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Here you’ll find a showcase of my work, a brief bio, contact information, a price request form, social media links, as well as other little gems.

The gallery showcases a collection of my work, most of which is available for purchase.

In my work, you will see an abundance of deep, rich color, light, and depth. I am constantly in awe of the miracle that is nature, and passionately obsessed and ever committed to capture, and interpret what I see and feel, onto canvas.

I strive to capture the intense emotions that would be evoked if one were to stumble into a magical moment in time -- such as stepping out of the woods into a beautiful clearing, or drifting amid a kelp forest in the deep waters of the ocean. Through this I hope to bring awareness to the importance of the conservation of these natural wonders, and our roles as stewards and shepherds of all life on our beautiful planet.  

For information about a painting, CLICK on the image. Submit a price request and we can enter into a dialogue. With that, I can answer all your questions in real-time. 

You will find examples of work from different periods of my artistic journey. I am constantly challenging myself to evolve and grow as an artist, so there is a wide array of different types of paintings to choose from. 

I am honored to share my vision with you.

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Dreaming of Lilies 48 by 36.JPG



"When I Dream Of Lilies"

48" by 36", acrylic on canvas with palette knives.

For the month of March, this beautiful piece, "When I Dream Of Lilies", will be on sale for $2,455. This is reduced from $3,175. This is an amazing piece, and a great opportunity to purchase your very own piece of original fine artwork. This painting is rich in positive emotion and will bring joy, serenity, and tranquility into your home or workspace. Enrich your life and bring beauty into your world.

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5' by 12', acrylic on canvas with palette knives. The pride and joy of the gallery.

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Thank you for visiting my website.

Please get in touch to find out more.

Open 6 Days a Week. Contact me to schedule a visit.


Facebook: Cormac McCarthy Fine Arts

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Gallery: 4777 Commercial Street, Suite A2, Clinton , WA, 98236

Phone Number: 360 592-3434

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