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This gallery showcases a collection of the work of Cormac McCarthy, an Irish immigrant, and ex-pat living on the beautiful Whidbey Island, in the Puget Sound of the United States. He is a quickly rising impressionist painter, selling his art nationally and internationally.

Born in glorious Ireland, and now living on the stunning Whidbey Island, Cormac hopes to bring awareness to the importance of the conservation of our world's natural wonders, and our roles as stewards and shepherds of all life on this beautiful planet.

The prices of paintings fluctuate for many reasons, including and depending on the fantastic sales and promotions frequently on offer at his gallery on Whidbey Island.

Submit a price request to learn about the price of a painting that you are interested in.

Head to Cormac's gallery or learn more about his internationally-selling deep ocean series. See paintings presented in rooms, offices, and galleries, or enjoy seeing some very happy customers. 

Cormac works in many styles. so there is something for everyone.

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