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About Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy is an Irish artist currently living on Whidbey Island off the coast of Seattle, Washington. He focuses on the natural world to find his inspiration and has immersed himself into a variety of environments to create beautiful pieces full of the majesty of nature.

Cormac's medium is acrylic on canvas, and he uses both palette knives and brushes, working on a variety of sized canvases. His expressive style incorporates vibrant and dramatic color schemes with bold mark-making to produce dynamic pieces rich in color and texture.

His work currently explores the setting and rising sun and how the light at these times can produce an otherworldly, ethereal mood. He is searching for those fleeting moments when color morphs and changes, and when the impact of color on its surroundings creates a mysterious world of vivid color and curious imagination.

As a rising up-and-coming artist, Cormac is on a steady path to artistic prosperity. With his continued success, it is clear that his future is as rich and bright as the work he creates.

About Cormac McCarthy: Bio
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